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Dekel Tankel is Director of Customer Engagements at the Cloud Foundry product team at Pivotal Inc. Dekel is running customer engagments and product marekting efforts for Cloud Foundry's private, public and ecosystem solution at Pivotal Inc. Dekel has led the product marketing launch of Cloud Foundry - the world's first open Platform as a Service (PaaS). Dekel has more than a decade of experience in the Cloud Computing, PaaS, SaaS, Application Server and middleware markets. Previously Dekel led products for Cloud and Hadoop platforms at Yahoo! and served in leading technical roles at several Cloud Computing and middleware companies. Dekel holds an MBA degree in Business Management and a BA degree in Computer Science
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Preserving Cloud Application Portability – Introducing Cloud Foundry Core

The Cloud Foundry team is happy to announce Cloud Foundry Core  -  a program designed to preserve cloud application portability.

In the cloud computing world, preserving a choice of clouds is critical. The risks of being locked into a single cloud are substantial. Pricing, reliability, geographic location and compliance can all vary between clouds. Business requirements will evolve over time, necessitating the ability to move between clouds, whether public to private, private to public or between public cloud providers.

Cloud Foundry Core provides a baseline of common capabilities and an open mechanism to instantly validate application portability.

Cloud Foundry Core defines specific versions for application services and runtimes and introduces a system of current, next, and deprecated to provide access to feature innovation, enhanced performance and greater stability as applications continue to evolve.

AppFogTier 3Uhuru SoftwareMicro Cloud Foundry™ and are now Core compatible as part of their commitment to preserving cloud portability.

-Dekel Tankel
The Cloud Foundry Team

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